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May 28, 2024

The Economy of Fun


About this video


The projects generated inside the studio may or may not bring in money, but they will ALWAYS bring in happiness, connections and inspiration. In this talk, PUPILA will share what it was like to develop some of these ideas and the impact they had on them and the people around them.



Founded in Costa Rica in 2010, over its not-so-short existence, the studio has carried out branding, packaging and editorial projects for clients in over 24 countries. Although they enjoy developing design solutions for their clientele, it's the independently generated projects that fill the team's soul, from assembling the largest multidisciplinary creative festival in America (the continent), to founding and scaling a specialty coffee brand with unique flavors and packaging; or from making globally renowned creatives play football or sing karaoke, to researching and showcasing Latin America's emerging design talent made by women. PUPILA is capable of solving problems of many kinds, except those of love.