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Nov 06, 2014

The Design Process Made Simple

Joseph Duffy

About this video


In a world of complication, design is the one tool than can cut through. So why would we as designers spend so much time complicating our craft? At Duffy & Partners we have spent the past 30 years simplifying a process that leads to not only great creative, but marketplace results. Joseph Duffy shares D&P's specific process for getting both the internal team AND the client on board as soon as possible where the final deliverable is not only appropriate, but expected.



Joseph Duffy

Joseph is “the other Joe Duffy” in the design industry. He grew up surrounded by some of the world’s most talented creative people in which his greatest asset was being a sponge. Since day one he set out to follow in his father’s footsteps and has dedicated his life to the business of design. After earning his BFA in Graphic Design from the College of Visual Arts, Joseph began his career in the production and interactive groups at Fallon Worldwide. In 2004, he left with the family name to help start Duffy & Partners as a designer. Today, as Design Director, he continues to work with some of the biggest brands all around the globe.