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Nov 05, 2019 Available for 1 weeks

The Artful Designer: Creating for Commerce and Culture

David Nuff RGD

About this video


Designers don't need to be so afraid of the word ;art. We often hear that design is not art, yet so many of us enter the field precisely through that gateway. While we may be instructed to think of our work as functional and utilitarian, there is also space for play, expression, experimentation and wonder. With one foot in both the art and design worlds, David shares his experiences from across the divide and through recent projects. He introduces valuable approaches and mindsets from artistic practice that designers can incorporate, and discusses why he believes the design community is well-equipped to make great contributions to art.


David Nuff RGD

I make, in no particular order: • Clocks that don't tell the time • Tools for better carbon offsets • Luminous crystals • Brand identities • Visuals for live performance