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Nov 07, 2019

But What If They All Hate It?

Nicola Hamilton RGD
Nicola Hamilton presenting on stage

About this video


As designers, our mandate is to translate our client visions into the tangible, to amplify their voices, and to communicate their messaging. Acting as translators, over time, can render us out of sorts with our own unique styles, processes and instincts. Combine that with the hyper-connected age we're living in—where we're constantly comparing ourselves to our peers— and that a recipe for some serious self-doubt. Self-doubt is an inevitable part of the process and a creative's worst enemy. Join Nicola on an exploration of the emotional realities of making work and the awful things we say to ourselves along the way with the hope that together, we can all find a little more strength to keep making. Or maybe she'll blow it…

Nicola Hamilton RGD

Issues Magazine Shop

Nicola is an independent art director and graphic designer, who specializes in editorial design. She’s obsessed with magazines, so much so that she opened Issues Magazine Shop, a retailer of independent magazines in July 2022. Her work has been internationally recognized by the D&AD, the Society of Publication Designers and the National Magazine Awards, among others. Nicola is also the co-founder of The Scaries Project, an artistic exploration of the emotional realities of being creative, and a part-time design educator.