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May 29, 2024

Subjectivity Slayer: Hacking Your Strategy with UX Tactics

Wil Arndt

About this video


Branding and identities can be frustratingly subjective. Join Wil as he demonstrates how UX methods added structure to his company’s emotionally-charged rebrand. Learn how his team whittled 3,839 names down to the perfect one—and reached total consensus! Discover innovative approaches such as the (somewhat fictional) Descriptive Facet Analysis, the (very real) Brand Personality Workshops and a practical toolkit designed to build alignment among designers and non-designers alike.


Wil Arndt

Wil is the Creative Director at OXD and ThoughtFarmer where he drives product and business strategy while working with clients such as the Government of British Columbia, Pokémon and Honeywell. Over his 30-year career, Wil founded digital agency Mod7, garnered more than 150 industry accolades and has had his work featured at the Venice Biennale and the Banff World Media Festival. Wil challenges designers to stay curious and open to new ideas and perspectives. He’s also (probably) the only designer in the world who can claim to have once been employed as a pirate. Ask him about it sometime.