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Nov 27, 2013

Scaling a Design Across Multiple Mobile Platforms

James Griffin

About this video


At Thomson Reuters, design is at the centre of every component of the business. The Financial & Risk group currently delivers and supports a client-installed desktop finance software solution. As we move into an era where smartphone and tablets become ubiquitous, the strategy for the next evolution of the product is designed as a multi-device platform. The challenge then becomes designing a cohesive product for multiple operating systems, form factors, and touchpoints, while adhering to the team’s visual signature and UX. James will discuss how his team successfully tackled these issues, using every facet of traditional design practice in their arsenal: sketching, mood boards, modeling, prototyping, and usability testing.


James Griffin

Integrating a passion for all things mobile with the finance industry, Jim has over 15 years’ experience designing mobile platforms and software. As Head of Mobile Design, Jim is focused on driving the continual release of Eikon Mobile for Thomson Reuters, a platform solution that spans an array of devices including iOS, Android and Blackberry. When he’s not obsessing about pixel perfect high fidelity wireframes, or inventing the next carousel widget, Jim can be found enthusiastically nursing his coffee addiction.