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Nov 03, 2016

Sarofsky’s Top 10 Design Philosophies

Erin Sarofsky

About this video


Sarofsky Corp. has a reputation for thoughtful use of animation, visual effects, computer graphics and live-action to produce innovative work across many platforms, including commercials, TV and film main title sequences and branded content. To a creative director and designer, what project details really warrant personal attention? What should you look for in key project collaborators to help them embrace detail management? What are some instances where attention-to-detail can help you land the project of your dreams? As a company owner or freelancer, how can you leverage an understanding of key design philosophies to make effective decisions? What the difference between A and A+ work, and how do you get clients and collaborators to go with you the extra mile? Join Erin Sarofsky as she answers these questions and more and explains the design philosophies that make her company work spectacular.


Erin Sarofsky

Sarofsky Corp. founder and executive creative director Erin Sarofsky got up the nerve to launch her own design-driven production studio in 2009, and she hasn't looked back since. In fact, the experiences keep getting sweeter. Her work with a Who Who list of top-level marketing and entertainment industry executives is based on deep relationships forged over time. For example, her experiences with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, with whom she collaborated on main titles for Community, Happy Endings and Animal Practice, led to her studio selection to create the main titles for the Marvel blockbusters Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier Civil War and Ant-Man. Her wealth of industry connections also draws from past experiences as a Creative Director for Superfad in New York and for Digital Kitchen in Chicago. She has led commercial projects for ATT, American Express, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Mike Hard Lemonade, McDonald, McGraw-Hill, PBS and X-Games, and main title projects for Dreamworks, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Productions, Touchstone Pictures and many others.