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Nov 04, 2023

Designing Tomorrow: The Intersection of Advertising, Graphic Design and Innovation

Renato Fernandez
Renato Fernandez on stage speaking

About this video


In a changing landscape, agencies are breaking boundaries to innovate brand encounters. During this talk, you’ll discover how designers and advertisers utilize tech ad- vancements to craft impactful campaigns while addressing A.I.'s impact. You’ll explore A.I.-driven trends, inclusive design and the importance of ethics while bridging digital- physical experiences. Join Renato to learn more about the transformative role of graphic design and advertising in shaping brands and experiences.


Renato Fernandez

Renato oversees the agency’s creative vision and output across all of Chiat’s client partners. His arrival to TBWA\Chiat\Day LA in 2011 saw him work with brands such as Visa, Pepsi, Adidas and, most significantly, Gatorade. He was instrumental in establishing the “Win From Within” philosophy, elevating Gatorade from being viewed as a sports drink to a truly iconic sports brand. Named to Adweek’s “Top 100” list, Renato has become one of the most respected creatives in the industry by following two simple rules: develop trusting relationships that create brave clients, and then corner them with great work.