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Nov 10, 2020

Play, Design & Connect: Engaging Communities through Digital Design

Kenjiro Kirton
Kenjior Kirton presenting with slide of colourful shapes

About this video


Kenjiro discusses the ethos and pillars of the HATO practice. How play, building culture through design and connecting people are at the heart of all the firm's projects. Using a case study for each pillar, Kenjiro explores how these values defined the work and the final outcome looked impacted communities and audiences. He'll explain the ways in which you can create transparent dialogues with your community as he shows how HATO uses Ai as a tool for co-designing with local communities groups and to co-design with international audiences online. You'll learn how to add value through engaging with your audience and establish value exchanges between audiences and brands.


Kenjiro Kirton

Kenjiro is the co-founder and Creative Director of design agency HATO, with studios in both London and Hong Kong. He also leads the community focused printing and publishing house Hato Press and the latest edition Hato Store. HATO specializes in crafting leading cultural projects for various sectors including technology, education and the arts. Their ethos is to create design that engages its' communities through creative play. Spearheading the strategic direction of HATO, Kenjiro now oversees co-design projects, events and workshops with clients such as VA, Facebook, Science Museum and sketch. Kenjiro is a regular speaker and judge in the UK, US and Japan.