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Jun 01, 2023

Patterns as a Love Language

Stephanie Lola

About this video


During this talk, you'll get an overall blueprint for design system success, including an understanding of what a holistic design system consists of, how evergreen design patterns are interconnected and core design principles that every system should consider. At the heart of a design system is the belief that when creating user experiences, people rely on certain ;languages, which, like the languages we speak, allow us to articulate and communicate an infinite variety of design principles using common conventions, helping provide coherence and familiarity. Patterns are units of this language, deeply rooted in the archetype of an experience, and are answers to common design problems that exist in both the form and the function of a product.


Stephanie Lola

Stephanie is a design leader, educator and the founder of Zola Consulting. With a degree in Psychology, Stephanie has been applying her knowledge of human behaviour in the field of User Experience for 20+ years. She is an Advisory Board Member for George Washington University prestigious CX certificate program. Formerly at Target, she was also Head of UX for the Association of American Medical Colleges, where Stephanie and her team pioneered the production and implementation of Helix Design System, improving end-to-end UX of several mission-critical service applications for the MCAT® exam, used by medical schools teaching hospitals worldwide. Working with Fortune 500s like Freddie Mac, as well as the second largest credit union in the nation, PenFed, Stephanie has helped reimagine the way companies deliver products to market more efficiently, and at scale. Stephanie is passionate about usability, inclusive design and the emerging inter-discipline of systemic design which integrates systems thinking and human-centered design. She outspoken about being a BIPOC female design leader in tech, relentlessly advocating for having a voice at the table, leading with empathy and showing up as your authentic self in an industry that can make you feel that you need to be less in order to do more.