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Dec 18, 2022

My Desk Plant is Dying: The Importance of Self-Care in Creative Fields by Hilary Lucio

Photos of plants with labels Neville and Hermione

About this video


As many organizations have transitioned to a remote-first model since the start of the pandemic, the lines between home and work have blurred. This can make it difficult to draw healthy boundaries and prioritize mental and physical well-being, especially in an industry notorious for hustle culture and burnout. Establishing and implementing practices that encourage a more balanced relationship with work are key to building a sustainable career and leading happy teams.

Hilary covers the following:
- How to identify individual needs and values
- Strategies to improve current practices with a compassion-centric mentality
- How to approach conversations about boundaries with other team members
- Off you up a new catchphrase or two

About Hilary Lucio
Hilary is a cookie-baking, dog-loving, list-making, efficiency-craving, creative leader with a passion for print and branding. With over 10 years of experience across vendor, agency and in-house environments, Hilary has worked with clients who serve users and customers across the world and here in Canada. These include Tim Hortons, the University of Guelph, The City of London,, International Hotels Group (IHG) and many more. Currently based in London, ON, Hilary works as the Creative Services Manager for GoodLife Fitness.