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Nov 05, 2023

Power of One

Min Lew
Photo of Min Lew on stage speaking

About this video


In the era of “iterative,” Min discusses the transformative power of leading with a singular vision, and how she applies the ethos to design projects, teams and the business itself. Join her as she shares her journey from designer to Managing Partner and ECD at Base Design, showcasing how one idea, when pushed to its limits, can drive remarkable change for clients and influence in the design world.


Min Lew

Partner & Executive Creative Director at Base Design, Min oversees Base New York’s creative output and business. In her primary role as a “brand therapist,” she brings two decades of experience working intimately with founders and CEOs to help them build visionary brands. Min’s ability to think not between, but across, these dualities makes her a creative force to be reckoned with. Born in Frankfurt, raised in Seoul and now a veteran New Yorker, Min possesses a cultural sensitivity that allows her to create work that has true impact within its context. A humble student of the world, she’s forever absorbing new knowledge from sources far and wide.