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Nov 01, 2022

Identity Design across Cultures through Questioning

Ronald Tau RGD

About this video


Identity design is about deriving the very essence of a brand and representing it visually to an audience. As designers, we are expected to solve problems, but Ronald has always been more interested in questioning. Ronald hypothesizes that it is the questions, rather than answers, that bring us together. This talk is about NOT having answers to the following questions: How do you design visual identities that work across cultures? How do you seek common ground between designer, brand and audience in identity design? How do we shift the focus and value of our work to seeking opportunities rather than solving problems?

About Ronald Tau RGD
Ronald is a Chinese Canadian art director and graphic designer specializing in creating visual identities. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, relocated to Beijing, Ronald creates in multicultural creative contexts, crossing cultural borders through creativity and design. Ronald work has been covered and/or awarded in a variety of awards and media, ranging from the Tokyo Type Directors Club (Japan), It Nice That (U.K.), the Museum of New York (US), Asia-Pacific Design (China), Typojanchi (Korea). Ronald founded and operates Meat Studio between Beijing and Toronto.