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Jan 03, 2022

Make Your Own Tools

Laura Stein RGD

About this video


Join Laura for a talk about the joy and necessity of inventing new tools. She explains how devising new ways of working can lead to fresh thinking and more impactful design. She’ll share some projects and the tools that informed them.

About Laura Stein RGD, Chief Creative Officer at Bruce Mau Design
Bruce Mau Design is a research-based design studio delivering inventive and rallying design across all the places where people connect. Home to an international community, BMD works across borders and cultures, helping organizations at every scale grow, transform and deliver indelible experiences. As Partner and Chief Creative Officer and long-time advocate for collaboration, Laura provides overall creative and strategic direction across a variety of project types, from a museum in Abu Dhabi to a greenway in Austin to a global performance brand based in Tokyo.