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Jun 01, 2022

Panel — show me the money: money management

About this video


Setting Financial Goals. Chasing Payments. Optimizing Hours. Making money can sometimes be as much about management as it is about the work for your clients. In this series of presentations followed by live Q&A, Julian and our presenters share their advice on some pain points for making your business financially sustainable and *gasp* profitable.

Taya Hawes-Puiu: Mindset, Model + Mechanisms

Optimizing your (and your team's) time to make more money


Jennifer Taback RGD

President & Partner, Design de Plume Inc.

Julian Brown RGD

Motion Designer & Director, ON THE CHASE!

Rahul Bhogal RGD

Owner & Creative Director, Nothing Design Studio

Taya Hawes-Puiu

Principal, Partners & Hawes