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Nov 06, 2023

How NASA Designs for the People, Robots and Cultures of Tomorrow

Krys Blackwood
Photo of Krys Blackwood on stage speaking

About this video


How do you design for all the future’s unknowns? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory designers constantly imagine what people 20 years from now will value, need and under- stand in the context of earth operations and robotic systems. Join Krys as she shares NASA design case studies and the techniques her team uses to predict users’ needs as they craft a future where humans and robots work together.


Krys Blackwood

Krys is a principal user experience designer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she is designing the future of mission operations with the Mars Sample Return and Perseverance Mars Rover missions. Before joining JPL in 2015, Krys spent 20 years in Silicon Valley, designing ecommerce and healthcare experiences. Krys’s philosophy centers on an unwavering faith that when companies and products are designed around the needs of the end user, everyone wins. This is even more true when the company is a government organization, the product is a space robot and the users are rocket scientists.