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Apr 01, 2024

Inside 4 Graphic Design Studios in Montreal | Great Canadian Studio Crawl

About this video


Take a behind-the-scenes tour of four graphic design studios operating in Montreal, Québec, Canada.


Caserne is an independent, full-service design studio in Montreal. Housed in a repurposed industrial building, their studio features an open-concept working area for their team. Their approach is distinguished by their innovative concepts, driven by a commitment to crafting iconic brands. From the inception of brand identity to its full realization, Caserne strategically supports their partners. The uniqueness of the brands they create stems from compelling narratives and purpose-driven missions. At this tour, you'll see how brands come to life with Caserne.

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Six Cinquième

Based in Montreal, award-winning, Black-owned creative agency Six Cinquième is a home for mavericks constantly looking to uncover the next frontier; a launchpad for trailblazers ready to make their mark. They help visionary businesses uncover their untapped potential and define who they are to build confident brands. Walk away from this tour feeling inspired, encouraged and with a deeper understanding of Six Cinquième's unique approach to running a successful creative practice.

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Super Bonjour

Bicoastal creative studio Super Bonjour specializes in strategy, branding and content. Based in a refurbished, red brick atelier space in Montreal, and a corner heritage building in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, this duo makes it work – and they do it well. Get a two-for-one special with this tour and see how the Super Bonjour team reimagines systems, spaces and creativity from across the country.

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Compagnie et Cie

Compagnie et Cie is a dynamic design firm known for its innovative solutions. Their team excels in blending creativity with strategic thinking, offering expertise in identity, brand strategy, communication, space design, digital and advertising. Based in the vibrant Mile End neighborhood of Montreal, Compagnie et Cie thrives in a multicultural and creative environment. Visiting their studio provides a firsthand look into the creation process for major Quebec brands.

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