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Nov 09, 2020

How to Get Paid to Be Yourself

Meg Lewis
Meg Lewis presenting with colourful slide with text that includes Sit There & Do Nothing, Overtime, Sit There & Eat Something

About this video


There no one like you on the planet so why have a career like anyone else? In this workshop designer Meg Lewis will help you identify what you can create for the world that absolutely no one else can. Through utilizing your unique personality, interests, an skillset you'll learn how to market and position yourself as offering something totally unique whether that a new career initiative, service, side project, or an entirely new business!


Meg Lewis

Meg is making the world a happier place through design! books! talks! writing! spaces! podcasts! workshops! and videos! She works with happy companies to create friendly, personable visual experiences with an emphasis on clean, expressive type and bold colours. Beyond design, Meg combines comedy with her unique skillset to create businesses, projects, and offerings that turn traditionally boring subjects into fun, impactful experiences. She empowers individuals to discover their unique selves through books, video series, workshops, and talks titled Full Time You. She is the host of Dribble Overtime podcast and her own comedy meditation podcast, Sit There Do Nothing. Meg also founded Ghostly Ferns, an international collective of designers and commercial artists and Fool Proof, a shared workspace for creativity and collaboration. She is a member of the Co-Loop artist roster.