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May 01, 2019

How can digital designers participate in the sustainability dialogue? by Supratim Chakraborty

Supratim Chakraborty on stage presenting

About this video


Have you wondered how digital product designers can influence the sustainability dialogue? Can sustainability and digital design be co-dependent in reality? This motivation of this talk is to make our design practice more thoughtful about the way it influences sustainable behaviour in customers and users of our products. After working as a design advisor for Playsolar systems and building a digital user experience that aims to make solar energy affordable and accessible for masses, Supratim has found ways to design so that the impact of a product is not limited to aha moments but also to social and environmental consequences. In this talk, he shows how digital designers can offer new perspectives in the dialogue on social, ecological and knowledge sustainability and shares insights on getting stakeholder to incorporate sustainable design practices and how it can lead to a valuable ROI for the company.