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Sept 03, 2019 Available for 10 days

Health Thinking for Product Design - Reclaiming Technology for a Culture of Health by Jenka Gurfinkel

About this video


Today it's easier than ever to design highly usable experiences that degrade the health of the people who use them. Whether we work on consumer apps or enterprise software, the choices we make directly affect the physical, mental, social, and professional health of our users. As designers we are agents of public health. So how do we move beyond just "design thinking" and embed health-thinking into our products and design decisions? How do we design for values that promote a culture of health? Jenka looks at the legacy of persuasive design philosophy that has led to our current, coercive technology present, and explore a vision for an alternate design future, including case studies and practical design-making approaches for aligning design with values that promote long-term product and user health.

About Jenka Gurfinkel
As UX Lead athenahealth, Jenka designs platform-scale solutions to empower patients, grow provider business, and improve population health outcomes. She has previously designed customer experience solutions for some of the world's largest brands and organizations, including Toyota, AARP, and Live Nation. Her work and writing have been featured in Wired, TechCrunch, the LA Times, WBEZ, iO0 and more. Jenka believes all designers are agents of user health, and has developed a framework to align technology design practice with health-centered design values.