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Nov 02, 2011

Has “Design Thinking” become an oxymoron?

George Lois

About this video


And what does the original mad man think of the Mad Men show? Join the deliciously outspoken George Lois for an hour of straight talk on what advertising design was and should be. Warning: this talk will not be for the faint of heart.


George Lois

George Lois is renowned for dozens of marketing miracles that triggered innovative and populist changes in American culture. He popularized the Xerox culture; saved MTV with his “I Want My MTV” campaign; and persuaded America to change their motor oil to Jiffy Lube. George is the only person inducted into The Art Directors Hall of Fame and The One Club Creative Hall of Fame with Lifetime Achievement Awards from AIGA and the Society of Publication Designers. He is the author of many books, including The Art of Advertising, Iconic America and George Lois on the Creation of The Big Idea.