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Nov 27, 2013

Dirtbag Design: Building Patagonia’s Brand Experience

Dmitri Siegel

About this video


How do you make an authentic brand experience for a company founded by a guy selling climbing equipment out of the trunk of his car? Patagonia has been methodically moving its website and catalog to be more in line with its brand identity and mission - adding features and content that reflect the dirtbag lifestyle and the environmental imperative that drives the company. Dmitri discusses minimalism, Funhogging, sustainability and how to be a "real" dirtbag.


Dmitri Siegel

Dmitri is Vice President of E-commerce & Executive Creative Director at Patagonia where he provides strategic vision, leadership and operational expertise in directing Patagonia’s e-commerce strategies both domestically and abroad. In addition, Dmitri works to provide a seamless user experience, drive traffic and create lifetime value for Patagonia’s growing customer base across all of Patagonia’s digital platforms. Previously he was Urban Outfitters’ Executive Director of Marketing and before that art director and designer for the Sundance Channel, Bravo and several graphic design agencies.