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Sept 25, 2020

Graduate Edition - Reflecting on your education experience, what was missing?

About this video


During this webinar, we talk to recent grads and reveal results of RGD's recent survey of grads to find out the following:

- Knowing what you know now, what was missing from your education?

- How does the structure of school not prepare you for the industry?

- What that you learned during your education, helped you to succeed in industry?

- What do you wish was removed from the college experience?

Moderated by Bianca DiPietro RGD

Bianca is a Program Coordinator & Professor at Humber College in the

Graphic Design Program. She has over 10 years of experience in design, ranging from traditional branding to experiential and digital design. Currently Bianca is interested in discovering meaningful work and finding ways to uncover personal impact within the design discipline. This extends into creating engaging educational environments for her students and bringing real world experiences into the college ecosystem. She’s participated in some international initiatives that have shed light on happiness within the educational space and wishes to explore this further.

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