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Jul 17, 2023

Decolonizing the Design Process

Scot Geib
Scot Geib presenting

About this video


In 2015, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission called for post-secondary institutions to integrate Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods in the classroom. Despite many resolutions to decolonize educational frameworks, there has been little consensus on what it means to actually do this. This presentation traces the development of a new design course, to be launched in 2023/24, that teaches “decolonizing the design process” as part of a foundational design curriculum. If decolonization is to be taught, then how is it to be practiced? This presentation also reflects on both the challenges and opportunities that emerge when designers choose work within a new paradigm that creates space for collaboration, inclusion and co-authorship, thereby challenging traditional notions of power and control in the design process.


Scot Geib