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Nov 01, 2022


Kevin Hawkins

About this video


Your company is in hypergrowth. Design, research and content are doubling. You have a seat at the table. Where do you go from here? How do you decide what's most important for you, the team and your customers? Together, let's slow down and take a look at the most important aspects of setting big goals, breaking them down and running a healthy team that can get you there.


Kevin Hawkins

Kevin is Global Director of UX at Glovo. He is a multi-disciplinary designer of 17 years who lives in Barcelona. He currently serves as the Global Director of UX at Glovo (a DeliveryHero company). He been a serial startup founder, product designer and is a seasoned instructor at GrowthTribe and Georgetown University for UX, Design Thinking and Data Viz. He is a Liberian-American that loves building communities and launching products. Previously, he been lucky to work with companies such as, PwC, EY, Gap Inc, Uber and more.