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Nov 03, 2017

Field Notes from the Future: Designing Tomorrow’s Products + Services

Christian Ervin

About this video


In a time of rapidly accelerating change, we, as designers, are understandably fixated on what is just beyond our view. Over the past few years, Tellart has engaged in a series of experiential futures projects that directly address the topic of rapid societal transformation and the role of design in this context. These projects operate between the constraining pragmatism of the near term—which is relatively predictable—and the rootless, wildly speculative, sci-fi terrain of the distant future. By navigating between these extremes, the future scenarios they present give us insights into the impact of emerging technologies and provide structure for long-term strategies for research and development and policy initiatives. Christian shares insights developing high fidelity prototypes of future products and services and makes a case taking a medium range view of the forces shaping society.


Christian Ervin