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Jun 10, 2021

Fake It Till You Make It — Leading with Confidence Panel

About this video


Working in a pandemic is new territory for everyone, presenting new, complex challenges for managers. Now more than ever, designers are looking to their higher-ups for direction, guidance and motivation at work. But what happens when you, the manager, don't feel confident or equipped to provide the answers? Join our panel as they look at how you can lead from a place of confidence to provide support and motivation for your team.

The panel will address questions such as:

  • Why do you think confidence is an important trait in a managerial role?
  • Where do you find you lack the most confidence, e.g. confrontation with employees, pushing back on deadlines? How do you overcome it?
  • We all learn from mistakes; it's how we grow as managers. Can you speak to any mistakes you’ve made that have made you a better manager?
  • Are there resources you could recommend for learning more about design management?


  • Deborah Peterson | Director Head of Agency, Deloitte
  • Jodi Eyolfson | Manager Visual Communication Design, Stantec
  • Yen Chu RGD | Creative Director of Design, Rogers Sports & Media