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Nov 06, 2014

Doing The Impossible

David Macy

About this video


It’s no secret that large corporations have a hard time innovating. But, as David Macy explains, the best way to innovate in a large corporation may just be to do something truly impossible. How do companies like Google, Apple and Adobe make the impossible possible? David shares the unique journey of a small team of designers as they developed Adobe’s first hardware products. He explains the many lessons about design-led innovation learned along the way and that can help you revolutionize your own organization and your clients'.



David Macy

David has been making tools for creatives for over 20 years. As Principal Incubator for Adobe’s Experience Design team, he has worked on Adobe Ink - a cloud pen; Slide - a powerful ‘digital’ ruler, and Context - a touch-based collaboration room. Previously, he was Director of UX and Product Management for EFI’s Fiery digital printing systems before moving to Adobe to manage Illustrator, Adobe Ideas and now Adobe’s Creative Hardware as well as a new iOS app - Adobe Line.