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Nov 11, 2010

Digital Killed the Art Director Star

Khoi Vinh

About this video


In this wide-ranging talk about the changing world of interaction design, Khoi takes a look at the fundamental ways digital media is altering the value that designers bring to audiences. He examines the stark contrasts between human-centric publishing and machine-centric publishing, a shift that has wrought profound changes on how design is practised and what users expect from designers. Khoi charts the path from graphic design's maturation in the 20th century to interaction design's dominance in the years ahead.


Khoi Vinh

Khoi is a pioneer in the field of interaction design, concerned less with how a site looks  than the way readers interact with it. He was the Design Director for from 1996 until July, where he led the in-house design team in user experience innovation. He is the author of the popular design blog, where he writes extensively on design, technology and user experience matters of all kinds. Khoi was the co-founder of the award-winning New York design studio Behavior, LLC. He studied communication design at Otis School of Art and Design  in Los Angeles, and practiced branding and graphic design in print for several years in Washington, D.C., before moving to New York.