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Nov 02, 2011

Designing for the Future Book

Craig Mod

About this video


What are the core systems comprising the future book? What are the tools that need to be built? As designers we will need to provide the scaffolding for these systems. The interfaces for these tools. Not just as surface, but holistically—understanding the shifting of emotional space, the import of the artifact, the evocation of a souvenir, digitally. How will we surface the myriad data just below the words of digital books in organic, clean and deliberately designed ways? Join Craig as he answers the question: “How will we shape the future book?”


Craig Mod

Craig Mod is a writer, designer, publisher and developer, concerned with the future of publishing and storytelling. He is co-author and designer of Art Space Tokyo, an intimate guide to the Tokyo art world. He was based in Tokyo for a decade. Since October 2010, he resides in the California Bay Area, working with Flipboard. He speaks frequently on the future of books, publishing and digital content design.