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Dec 24, 2022

Design Your Life And Succeed in an In-House Studio Corporate Culture by Katy Wong

Katy wong presenting a slide with illustration of people and words 90,000 employees

About this video


Leveraging Katy's decade long experience working as an in-house Art Director, Katy uses industry scenarios and project samples to demonstrate the common challenges, exciting opportunities and demands of the corporate world, culture and environment. From how to navigate projects, work and people to practical high-performance habits and wellness strategies, this talk will help you see how you can manage your career while designing your life in this often high-stakes and rewarding world.

About Katy Wong
Kate has been leading TD Bank's Corporate and Public Affairs multimedia studio for over a decade. She joined the department to develop an in-house capability for graphic design needs to support internal corporate flagship events, the CEO and Senior Executive Team members. Over the years, Katy led the evolution of Creative Services to a Multimedia Studio with creative offerings from graphic design to dynamic multimedia, including complex event production, photography, video production and, most recently, podcast production and virtual events for senior leaders during the pandemic. Think of a public keynote from a company like Apple, except delivered for an internal audience with over 1,800 senior leaders across the bank. Katy attended the University of Toronto studying architecture and fine arts and then graduated from Ryerson University Image Arts New Media program in 2006. She happily married and a proud mother of two young active girls and is often playing, creating arts crafts and learning new skills through her children like skateboarding, piano and Just Dance. Katy is also a practitioner of Qi Gong (Tai Chi) and spends her spare time painting and enjoys interior design, creating beautiful spaces and environments in her home.