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Jan 03, 2022

Data Visualization Basics Workshop

Isabel Meirelles
Isabelle Meirelles presenting

About this video


Isabel introduces the principles for creating data visualizations aimed at communicating information. Through a series of short lectures paired with hands-on-exercises, learn tips for the whole process, from examining and contextualizing data to devising the most appropriate and expressive ways to visualize them. For the hands-on-exercises, you will need paper and coloured pencils and a computer with access to Google Spreadsheet.


Isabel Meirelles

Isabel teaches in the Graphic Design Program and in Graduate Studies at OCAD University. She writes widely on the role of data visualization in society, culture and education. She is the author of Design for Information: An introduction to the Histories, Theories, and Best Practices Behind Effective Information Visualizations (Rockport, 2013). From 2003 to 2104, she was on the faculty of Northeastern University College of Arts, Media and Design in the department of art and design, where she helped create the MFA in information design and data visualization. Isabel frequently teams up with colleagues on interdisciplinary projects involving visualization. She has organized numerous conferences, initiatives and exhibitions on the topic. In her creative practice, she collaborates with artists and curators to design digital and print publications of their work.