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Aug 02, 2021

Cultivating Confidence

About this video


Is your work wrapped up in your self-worth? Listen to two design professionals as they share strategies for maintaining confidence, tackling impostor syndrome and owning your role as the design expert.

The Power of Defining Success by Design

Presented by James Cabrera, Head of Design and Special Projects at The Block in New York, NY
You spend weeks working on a design, but then: “Can you make this bigger?”. “Can you make it pop more?”. “It would look better if...”. “It’s almost there.” Consistently receiving vague design feedback with unclear reasoning, especially from the top of the company, can reduce confidence for designers early in their careers. This talk will cover the importance of why you need to define success in design, with tools to help you do so. Increase your confidence the next time you present and defend your work to subjective crowds. The goal with this framework is to maintain the integrity of your work, from presentation to implementation.

The Creativity Myth

Presented by Diego Lopez RGD, Creative Director at Compass Creative in Stoney Creek, ON
In ten short minutes, you'll learn how the myths we share around creativity contribute to impostor syndrome, and how to overcome them.