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Nov 30, 2023

Creative Leadership, Leadership by Design

About this video


Creative Leadership is an inclusive design approach to leadership. It is not a leadership strategy. It’s a transformational process in which individuals tap into innate creativity and the potential to lead themselves and others towards fulfilling the goals and vision of their organization or projects. At the heart of the Creative Leadership model are three leadership values that apply to everyone: empathy; the hallmark of a 21st century leader; creativity, an innate ability to develop solutions; and clarity, the needed to balance and activate empathy.

This webinar is for people across all design disciplines and at all points of their leadership journey: those in leadership, aspiring leaders and those who were never encouraged to be leaders (the largest category of all). It has been embraced by leaders across creative industries, technology companies, and academics.

Within the webinar, attendees will be guided on how the Creative Leadership attributes, framework and tools can empower them, regardless of their design discipline or leadership level, with capacities and capabilities to face the relentless disruption, volatility, complexity, ambiguity of new business, social and global realities.

About Rama Gheerawo

Rama is an international figure within design. He won a Design Week ‘Hall of Fame’ award in 2019 and was named a 2018 Creative Leader by Creative Review alongside Paul Smith and Björk. He addresses diversity across age, ability, gender and race. He is a serial innovator in the field of Inclusive Design and Design Thinking having led over 100 international projects with government, business, academia and the third sector with clients such as Samsung, Toyota and Panasonic. He champions Creative Leadership, having trained thousands of people including over 750 civil servants. He holds visiting professorships and advisory roles globally for business, new ventures, universities, awards and initiatives including D&AD, The Valuable 500, the RSA Decolonizing panel, and the Global Disability Innovation Hub at London’s Olympic Park. His first solo book, ‘Creative Leadership: Born from Design’ launched in March 2022 and is available on Amazon and from publisher Lund Humphries.