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Mar 08, 2023

Creative Earners Webinar — Business Owners talk DEI by Xandr Sutjiadi

Xandr Sutjiadi RGD, Jeannette Hanna, Farah Khan, Jennifer Taback RGD

About this video


Join Xandr Sutjiadi RGD in discussion with other independent and small business owners on the state of DEI in the Canadian graphic design industry. What progress are firms making to incorporate DEI initiatives into their organizations? How are they working to ensure they have a diverse team? Join our panel as they speak to their own experiences as they compare to the industry as a whole, as revealed in the 2022 Creative Earners results, and as we look to launch a new survey in March.

Moderated by Xandr Sutjadi RGD, founder of ARToverMATTER


  • Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist at Trajectory
  • Farah Khan, Principal at House9
  • Jennifer Taback RGD, President Partner at Design de Plume


Xandr Sutjiadi RGD


Jeannette Hanna


Farah Khan


Jennifer Taback RGD