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Nov 05, 2023

The Beauty of Colour and the Power of Nature

Catalina Estrada
Photo of Catalina Estrada speaking on stage

About this video


Join Catalina as she speaks about her personal and professional history, showing her main sources of inspiration and how she builds a universe based on the simplicity of colour, beauty and nature. She’ll also share the significance of her personal social projects, which have not only shaped her artistic expression, but have also resulted in meaningful connections between her homeland, community and her work on a deeper level.


Catalina Estrada

Catalina is a Colombian illustrator based in Barcelona who reinterprets Latin American folklore, preserving its original strength to make it bloom in deep harmony and simplicity. Her impressive and cheerful visual language is infectiously optimistic, and with thousands of colours and all the power of nature, it goes beyond borders. Catalina has worked for major brands including Disney, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nike, Levis, Old Navy, Smart / Mercedes Benz, Paulo Coelho, Unicef, Amnesty International and the Government of India.