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Feb 08, 2021

Career Journeys

Dominic Ayre RGD
Slide from presentation: Become an Expert

About this video


What do you want out of your career? Join these successful design professionals as they share their career paths along with strategies for how you can land your dream job (and more importantly, figure out what it is)!

Moderated by Dominic Ayre RGD

Designing with Paper
Presented by Diana Beltrán Herrera, Designer & Artist in Bristol, UK

Over the last 9 years, paper has been the main medium for Diana's work. It is very versatile and inexpensive, making it a great choice to test, propose and materialize ideas. Diana has applied a number of techniques that allowed her to propose artworks, products and visual images for editorial and advertising campaigns. In this talk Diana introduces paper as a tool in her practice, detailing its characteristics, uses and applications.

Working Through the Design Blues
Presented by Dani Hall, Partner at Design of Brand in Toronto, ON

They say the first step to working through something is to name it. The Design Blues are something Dani identified early in her career, and has even experienced while working at a "dream job." In this talk she shares some strategies on how be confident in the creative process, and perhaps even find joy in it — posing the question "how can I turn any job into a dream job?".

Neck of the Woods – Why you should specialize
Presented by Richard Hatter, Creative Director at Hired Guns Creative in Vancouver, BC