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Jun 01, 2023

An Accidental Journey: The Power of Self-Generated Projects

Debbie Millman

About this video


In this presentation, Debbie shares the following:
- Details about the origins of Design Matters
- The ups and downs of creating an independent project
- How and why self-generated projects are the best way to build your reputation and showcase your ideas
- Honest talk about finances, platforms and examples of self-generated work from designers that changed their lives too


Debbie Millman

Debbie is the founder and host of Design Matters, one of the first and longest running podcasts in the world. Created in 2004 and launched online in 2005 while Debbie was President at Sterling Brands, Design Matters began with an idea and a telephone line. After an offer from the Voice America Business Network to create an online radio show in exchange for a fee, Debbie decided that interviewing designers who she revered would be an inventive way to ask her heroes everything she wanted to know about them. She started broadcasting Design Matters live from a telephone modem in Sterling office in the Empire State Building and her life was forever changed.