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Nov 06, 2014

Building Physical-Digital Products

Andrew Zolty

About this video


Breakfast NY specializes in connecting the physical world to the digital one. The firm has worked with Ray-Ban to create a real-time billboard with eventgoer’s Instagram pictures and worked with Major League Baseball to create a high-tech “fan cave”. It’s the kind of work brands are thirsting for. Andrew Zolty shows you how the process for building real-world things is vastly different than traditional digital products. He explains what it takes to create products such as Points, Instaprint and the Electromagnet Dot Display and what it means to work on the ‘Internet of things’.



Andrew Zolty

Zolty is the Co-founder and Creative Director of the magical shop called BREAKFAST where he leads the development of bespoke physical-digital products and installations. His most recognized works include Points - the most advanced signage on Earth, Instaprint - the location-based photo booth for Instagram, The Electromagnet-Dot-Screen, Conan O'Brien's Foursquaring Blimp, and Yes, I am Precious - the bike which could share its thoughts and feelings to benefit LIVESTRONG. In less than a year of existence, BREAKFAST was named by Adweek as one of six insurgent agencies of the year and named #1 Innovative Digital Agency by Mashable. Prior to BREAKFAST, Zolty worked at (and sometimes helped start) over 15 digital agencies, creating crazy ideas for over 60 different brands, most recently at Poke London.