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Apr 12, 2024

Beyond the Brand Book

About this video


Brand books are important to ensure consistency across all communication materials, but they can be one-dimensional leading to lifeless homogeneity. In this presentation, we will explore ways to maximize the impact of your brand, by leveraging the essence of your brand, and not just the graphic guidelines. Design is experiential and visual problem-solving. To connect with users and consumers in a crowded space, one must design within unique intent, and go beyond the brand book.

About Edmund Lam
Edmund is a Creative Director with 15 years of experience with Montreal's top creative agencies and leading fashion brands. He's held leadership positions, championing brand and design excellence at agencies like Sid Lee, Bleublancrouge and CloudRaker, and has been fortunate enough to collaborate with brands like Samsung, Cirque du Soleil, Adidas, PUMA, Dr. Martens, FILA, Disney, NBA, Stella Artois, Tim Burton, Air Transat and Aperol.