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Mar 01, 2022

Being the Brand Gatekeeper — How to Flourish Inside (and Outside) the Lines Panel

About this video


In-house designers act as both the generators and enforcers of visual standards and strategies. How does one walk the line between being the brand police while also being open minded to new solutions? Join our panel as they discuss how in-house designers can balance the consistency needed for brand recognition with the innovation needed to increase brand equity.

The panel will address questions such as:

- What processes does your team follow to support an agile brand that is consistent yet flexible?
- What is in your toolbox for asset management, from applications to implementation systems?
- What strategies do you recommend for turning internal audiences into brand ambassadors?
- How can in-house teams position themselves as strategists and managers to create successful collaborations with external contractors and agencies?


- Evan Biswanger | Creative Direction and Head of Marketing, Vancouver Film School
- Emily Chan | Director, Consumer Brand and Creative Strategy, Canadian Red Cross
- Lindsay Robertson | Manager, Brand + Creative Services, Suncor

Moderator: Diana Castaneda RGD | Senior Graphic Designer, TRIUMF