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Feb 22, 2024

Being a Creative in the New Digital Economy

About this video


The discussion is focused on the intersection of creativity and technology in the digital economy, with Howard discussing the historical role of creatives in adopting and pushing the boundaries of new technology. The discussion will emphasize the need for creatives to take control of the space, new tools and define the rules, rather than waiting for businesses to do so and how he has used Design Thinking to explore this within his own business. The importance of protecting creatives and their work in the metaverse through blockchain and IP protection will also be discussed.

About Howard Suissa
Howard has 25 years experience in product design and development for clients around the world. Over the years Suissa Design has worked on projects ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices and has always focused on user experience and interface design. He also teaches the Innovation Through Design Thinking class at NAIT in Edmonton. His designs have been covered extensively in print, online and television including receiving the #1 spot in Wired magazines Christmas Wish List 2009. He is currently building a new company called EFNpro which is a contract creation and management platform for creatives working in the digital economy whose mission is to empower digital creative professionals by simplifying the contract building process.