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Dec 08, 2022

Moving past compliance to good usability

Alasdair Stuart-Bell, Eric Hind

About this video


Good usability requires more than just being compliant with accessibility rules, laws and requirements. We also need to understand whether a solution is usable for people who have accessibility needs. The webinar will help you understand how you can be compliant, but still fail the user. Then we will explore how you can define the usability problems and how to fix them.


Alasdair Stuart-Bell

Alasdair is Partner Lead - Human Centred Research and Design at Jumping Elephants and have delivered over 150 projects for clients. I think the best experiences are about taking the results of well designed research to develop products, services and solutions that users want to use and help them complete their tasks. I am also the father of two fantastic people, partner to an amazing woman, volunteer, fan of bow ties, avid cook, occasional exerciser and aspiring traveler.


Eric Hind

Eric is a UX and Accessibility consultant located in Ottawa. He has substantial experience as a UX research, as a consultant on accessibility auditing as well as assessing accessibility beyond compliance. Eric believes that contributing to better accessibility. He is always glad to work with people who know (or want to know) what the 11 in a11y is, but is neutral on if it pronounced as ally or a-eleven-y. He is thrilled that his house renovation is almost complete but not as thrilled that his children are continuously singing Kate Bush songs off-key based on a single tv episode.