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Mar 01, 2022

A Design Inspired Business

Niharika Hariharan Joshi
Opening slide: A Design Inspired Business

About this video


While businesses around the world and across sectors are realizing the immense value of harnessing the power of design and innovation, they are also facing the equally daunting challenge of building and integrating a design capability into their existing model. Integrating design isn't simply about setting up a successful product or digital delivery capability, it equally about integrating creative thinkers within teams, innovating at pace and measuring success and performance in an entirely unique way. Niharika explains how large businesses can build in a design function, including hiring and nurturing the right leaders. She'll offer actionable frameworks that can be used and repurposed for your business as well as examples gleaned from the successes and failures of other organizations. How can organizations set up a successful design function that innovates, delivers and helps shift the business to be creativity led? Join Niharika Hariharan Joshi to find out more about the topic.


Niharika Hariharan Joshi

A designer by education and practice, Niharika was, until recently, Associate Partner Design Leader at McKinsey where she led strategic engagements for some of the most ambitious global organizations, creating new products, services and businesses to deliver profitable growth. Over the span of her career, she has worked on innovative patented products, shaped digital and design programs, and delivered award-winning services both in emerging and developed markets. She has worked in consultancies, agencies and client side for organizations such as Vodafone Global, Barclays, Boots, BT, Financial Times, Open University, O2, Nationwide and Fidelity.