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Aug 02, 2021

9–5 and Passion Projects by Sami Christianson, Kevin Moran RGD, Lin Oosterhoff Prov. RGD & Paul Twa Prov. RGD

Paul Twa
Opening slide with photo of Kevin Moran

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The Early Bird Business Plan

Presented by Sami Christianson, Co-founder & Design Director at Best Studio in Vancouver, BC
Join Sami as she explains how to turn your side hustle into your main squeeze before sunrise.

Working While Not Working – The Unpaid 5–9

Kevin Moran RGD, Creative Team Lead at Kira Systems in Toronto, ON
Personal side projects are a great way to challenge yourself, add work to your portfolio and ultimately get paid for what you love to do. Kevin will walk you through his journey and explain why the work you do between the hours of 5PM to 9PM can open the door to new opportunities and fuel your creative career.

Working 5 to 9

Presented by Lin Oosterhoff Prov. RGD, Art Director at Critical Mass in Calgary, AB
In this short talk, Lin will chat about what passion projects mean to her and how she balances full her-time job as an Art Director with personal and freelance design work. Showcasing a selection of recent projects, Lin will share her biggest learnings on how to work smarter, manage your time and make the most of the passion projects that fulfill us as designers.

Casting Your Creative Net

Presented by Paul Twa Prov. RGD, Graphic Designer at Sticks & Stones in Edmonton, AB
How do you get more work doing what you love while developing the skills that interest you? When you share personal projects, is anyone really looking? Passion projects can sometimes feel like casting a net into the abyss with no promise of what you’ll catch. Paul will share how, over time, these self-directed projects have led him to opportunities in line with his interests and fueled his creativity at work and beyond.

Paul Twa

Paul Twa: Design + Illustration

Paul Twa is a graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering artist born and raised in Edmonton. Paul is a graduate of the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Design program and currently lives in Toronto where he has been working as an independent designer and illustrator. His work has been recognized nationally by the Graphic Designers of Canada, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, and Applied Arts. He was selected as a speaker to present at the ICON11 illustration conference in Kansas City. Paul's practice as a designer and illustrator is driven by a desire to create visually distinct, thoroughly studied, and intricately crafted work for clients while also maintaining a personal body of work that explores his individual voice and creativity. With a keen interest in history, Paul enjoys studying the visual culture of the past as a way to inform the work he is making today; blending the magic of maximalism with research and intention. His annual ‘Year in Review’ project documents the memorable events of each year through illustration and has been highlighted by the CBC, CTV, and DesignTAXI.