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Student RGD Committee

Applications for the 2024/2025 Student Committee will open in August


The Student Committee advises the RGD’s Board of Directors on how to best serve the needs of Student RGD Members and develops programs and services that benefit students, assists to raise awareness of the RGD at students and unites students from across Canada.

What we do

The duties of Student Reps include:

  • understand the RGD's mission and work to further that mission
  • stay informed of the RGD's activities, particularly its programs for Students
  • educate fellow students on the RGD, its mission, its ethical standards and programs
  • keep the RGD informed of activities / initiatives taking place at your school that may be relevant to RGD Members
  • attend monthly virtual meetings to learn more about RGD programs and suggest ways yourself and fellow students could help raise awareness of the RGD 
  • contribute to the Emerging Designer Network on Discord and other communications 

Monthly Meetings

The Student Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. At these meetings, Committee Members have the opportunity to hear from industry professionals, learn about RGD programs, advise on RGD programs and initiatives for students and ask questions about the RGD, programs and the industry in general.



Check out the 2024 Student Committee Report Information on Student RGD Membership