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Provisional RGD Committee


  • Identify and advise on opportunities for the RGD to increase exposure to recent graduates and designers that are in the early stages of their careers
  • Develop relevant and meaningful resources for Provisional RGDs
  • Assist in advising and implementing programs and services to benefit Provisionals RGDs from across Canada

What we do

  • Participate on RGD professional Committees
  • Attend bi-monthly virtual meetings that include a AMA with a professional designer, updates on Committee Members' activites; discussion of RGD initiatives, programming and policies that impact Provisional RGD Members
  • Volunteer at RGD events including DesignThinkers



Check out the 2024 Provisional Committee Report

Committee Members

Accessibility System Design UX

Rupsha is a Designer specializing in Human-Centered Design, an Emerging Design Educator, and an Emerging Design Researcher. Rupsha is pursuing her Master of Design at York. Her work involves looking at ...

Branding Corporate Communications Packaging
Hi! I am a graphic designer who is passionate about impactful design. Making positive impact through my creative work is what motivates me whether it is sustainability or diversity. My work ranges from cor...
Creative Direction Marketing Web Design
Since 2012, I have conceptualized, planned, created, edited, and launched visual solutions and marketing campaigns that have allowed clients to achieve success, connect with customers, and make a good impa...
Emma Hodgson is a graphic designer, design researcher, artist and Master of Design candidate at York University in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently in the second year of her degree and TAing in the Desig...
Exhibit Design Wayfinding
Born and raised in Mexico, and with a background in business, advertising and education, Jessica is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for creating meaningful experiences through visual communicat...
Branding Print Production
Corporate Communications Video Web Design
I am a graphic designer with a background in health, art and education. I am passionate about crafting artful solutions to communications needs by following a structured but evolving process with my team...
Branding Digital Marketing Packaging
My name is Stephen Zander, having graduated from Visual College of Art & Design (VCAD) in 2019, I've been working as a Graphic Designer. Largely for rolling paper brands in Canada such as RAW, Elements...
Branding Editorial Print
A dynamic visual designer with a passion for typography and editorials. I love experimentation and seek challenging work with learning opportunities to further build upon the skills I have. Also play bass ...