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Diversity & Inclusion Committee


  • Ensure that equity and respect for all is reflected in RGD operations and programming, with a view to overcoming systemic racism and discrimination within the industry.
  • Propose and assist in the development of new programs and the modification of existing programs, related to matters of systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Promote the inclusiveness of RGD, educate Members on issues related to systemic racism, discrimination and subconscious bias and develop resources to promote a more equitable industry overall.

What we do

  • Develop DEI resources for RGD Members the design community as a whole
  • Review the Code of Ethics as it pertains to DEI and make recommendations for edits/additions
  • Identify speakers for DesignThinkers and other RGD events
  • Organize webinar series exploring non-Western type, design, etc. and also covering accessible design
  • Review and update the RGD's Accessibility Guidelines



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Committee Members

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