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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Photo of So(cial) Good Design Awards exhibit with poster featuring list of categories: Arts & Culture; Civil & Human Rights; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Health, Well-Being & Safety; Sustainability, Ecology & Climate; Education; Students and Cross-Category.


As an organization of designers who support other designers, the RGD provides a welcoming space for designers who live in the intersections of identities, offers an equal platform for diverse voices and lived experiences and supports its Members in their journeys of growing to be better humans. As a Board Member, my goal is to support initiatives of the D&I Committee and make sure that we continue to evolve to be a more inclusive organization.
Xandr Sutjiadi RGD, ARToverMATTER Studio


  • Ensure that equity and respect for all is reflected in RGD operations and programming, with a view to overcoming systemic racism and discrimination within the industry.
  • Propose and assist in the development of new programs and the modification of existing programs, related to matters of systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Promote the inclusiveness of RGD, educate Members on issues related to systemic racism, discrimination and subconscious bias and develop resources to promote a more equitable industry overall.

What we do

  • Develop DEI resources for RGD Members the design community as a whole
  • Review the Code of Ethics as it pertains to DEI and make recommendations for edits/additions
  • Identify speakers for DesignThinkers and other RGD events
  • Organize webinar series exploring non-Western type, design, etc. and also covering accessible design
  • Review and update the RGD's Accessibility Guidelines



Check out the 2024 Diversity & Inclusion Committee Report

Committee Members