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Resources for new Canadian designers


What do I need to know about Canada while working/living there?

Indigenous peoples & history resources

1. Indigenous Peoples & History

Healthcare pages

2. Healthcare 101

Housing links

3. Housing sites

4. More tips on housing rights and help here:

Where can I meet other designers in Canada?

What are some common job requirements for design work in Canada?

How do I join the Canadian design community? 

Where can I read more about Canadian designers/design?

Where can I find design jobs in Canada?

  1. RGD job board

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Indeed

  4. Glassdoor

  5. Government of Canada

  6. Job-Specific Resources:

What kind of benefits should I expect from working as a designer in Canada?

How can I connect with other student designers in Canada?

  1. Student Committee

  2. Mentorship

  3. More

  4. Student-Specific Resources:

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Best translation tools:

Healthcare 101

Rental sites

Housing Sites

Government of Canada links:

Indigenous Peoples & History

Student-Specific Resources

Job-Specific Resources

Community Resources

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