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Certification Committee


  • Establish and update the eligibility criteria for those interested in going through the RGD Certification Process.
  • Develop the method for testing RGD candidates to ensure they meet the standards required to be recognized as Certified RGDs.
  • Ensure the entire Certification Process, particularly the assessment, is professionally credible, feasible, defensible, affordable and fair.

What we do

  • Coordinate a structured mentorship program for Certification candidates
  • Organize Certification Sprints to assist candidates to prepare for the Online Test
  • Research/Develop webinars/workshops as prep materials for sections of Online Test
  • Review question results of test sections and update questions
  • Post Certification-related content to the RGD Slack Community
  • Develop recommendations for new test sections
  • Organize quarterly themed webinars with case study presentations by recent RGD candidates
  • Develop Certification materials/online test/portfolio in French